What our parents say

What our parents say ..

July 2018 - Thanks for all your help over the last 2 years.  We are so proud of (child) and what he has achieved since being with you and that's all down to you all.  He has loved his time at Curious Goose.

July 2018 - Just a very big thank you for everything - looking after (child) and helping him to bloom.

July 2018 - Thank you for looking after (child).  She has loved every single day she spent at nursery.

July 2018 - Thank you so much for everything you have done for (child) in the past year.  I am so proud of my son and I have the nursery to thank!

July 2017 - I am extremely happy with [child's] progress at nursery, and the nursery is a perfect example of how a nursery should operate!

July 2017 - We love your facebook page and learning journey books. You all put so much work in to make the feedback to parents so valuable. Great job. Thanks!

July 2017 - I always feel welcome and fully supported by the staff at Curious Goose - they're great and deserve a medal. Or a 6-week holiday ;)

July 2017 - Thanks team! we are very pleased with everything about sending [child] to Curious Goose - couldn't recommend it highly enough!

July 2017 - We are aways made to feel welcome on arrival at nursery, and I love how the staff immediately engage the child in play upon arrival so they have no issues with the parents leaving. He has always had so much fun and can't stop talking about all the things he gets up to when I pick him up. He loves the tractor! Such great resources, and the garden area is fantastic.

July 2017 - A lovely outdoor area and a great variety of toys, resources and activities!

July 2017 - I love how we always get a warm welcome when we arrive at nursery. The staff are really supportive and adaptable and really approachable. [Child] loves coming to play with his nursery friends!

July 2017 - Thank you for all you have done for [child] this year. She has had a lovely time at Curious goose. She says she will miss dressing up!

July 2017- Thank you for looking after [child] and helping with her development. She has blossomed since being at nursery and my only regret is not being able to start both my children with you from the start. You have all created a wonderful place, and I'm sure you will go from strength to strength - Buckfastleigh is lucky to have you!

July 2017 - Thank you all so much for taking such good care of [child]. For making him feel so welcome and happy.

July 2017 - Thank you to everyone who's part of the team at this wonderful nursery. We are so appreciative of the start you have given [child] as a little person and as a little learner.

July 2017 - To Jane, Cat and Elleah, Thank you so much for all that you have done for [child] whilst she has been in your care. She has really enjoyed her time at Curious Goose and she has become so confident and learnt lots of new skills. She will miss you all. Thank you all again, and keep up the great work!

July 2017 - Just a great big thank you from all of us - thanks for everything you have done for [child1] over the last two years, and for the support through the various wobbles. Thank you for everything you have done for [child2] - he really has come on leaps and bounds. Also a big thank you for the Thursday afternoon session that you have started running - [child3] and I feel much happier that she will be ready to start with you in September in a familiar environment!

July 2017 - We love how the staff always put the needs of the child first. All of my children look forward to coming - they are so excited the night before. We have always found that we have been very well supported when there have been any kind of challenge with the children or at home. I'm delighted with the Nursery and the staff!

July 2017 - [child] loves nursery - we'll miss you over the summer!

July 2017 - Lovely staff!

July 2017 - Thanks so much for your hard work. We'll miss you when we go to school in September!

December 2016 - Thank you all so much for all the hard work and thought you put in to giving our children an experience of the world beyond their parents. We have seen wonderful changes since starting nursery!

December 2016 - Thank you for all the hard work you guys put in!

October 2016 (child re-locating): Thank you so much for all you have done for [child]. She has really thrived during her time at Curious Goose. We very much appreciate it and wish you all the best for the future.

September 2016 (child re-locating temporarily): Thank you so much for making [child] time at nursery so enjoyable! We look forward to seeing you all again when we return!

Parent’s evening Spring 2016: ‘A very informative evening, I only wish my wife could have been here too. Clear and to the point, I am looking forward to looking through the EYFS document in more detail. We will definitely attend future information evenings and are always keen to support the children’s development as much as we can. For me, this evening has only confirmed how pleased we are with the Curious Goose. Thank you Jane and team!’

End of Year feedback, July 2016: ‘All methods of communication are very clear, the nursery is well equipped and staffed, and [child] is very happy there.’

End of Year feedback, July 2016: ‘Always welcomed and feel happy coming in and leaving my child. The new staff team are fantastic! I have regular chats with key person which I find positively refreshing! J

End of Year feedback, July 2016: ‘[child] always looks forward to nursery and is very excited to come’

End of Year feedback, July 2016: ‘[child] very much enjoys nursery and is always happy and enjoying herself when she is collected’

PALS parent feedback questionnaire, November 2015: ‘Great positive changes, noticeable development and things we can work on with all the kids at home. A great programme!’

PALS parent feedback questionnaire, November 2015: ‘[Child] is much better at sharing things and taking turns in play. She also can say how she is feeling – happy/sad’

PALS parent feedback questionnaire, November 2015: ‘ [child] seems less frustrated when presented with a problem or challenge, and more able to deal with it or to ask for help’

PALS parent feedback questionnaire, November 2015: ‘Between us I think we have it covered, just continue with your great work! J

PALS parent feedback questionnaire, November 2015: ‘[child] is able to talk through problems and interpret how others are feeling much better’

PALS parent feedback questionnaire, November 2015: ‘[child] is much better at socialising following completion of this programme, she is much more confident, but still has a bit of work to do on managing frustrations’