How are we different?

What we offer you and your child

One of the most important aspects of the nursery for us is our vast outdoor space. Our back garden contains three distinct areas. We also have a front garden and a covered side garden area which offers outdoors indoors for when the 'Devon Rain' is at full strength. We use this area to develop all areas of learning and play for the children and it is great for them to be able to 'let off steam' and enjoy the out-doors in a safe and secure environment. With THREE qualified nursery teachers on our staff team we make sure that learning is always at the top of our agenda, regardless of what we are playing with.

Our garden has some fantastic facilities including this climbing frame installed at the start of the summer of 2015. The children love playing on this and it allows them to practise a whole host of activities and skills including balancing and turn taking!

It is also a focus for imaginative play - there is a troll living under the wibbly-wobbly bridge!


The Mud Kitchen offers a unique learning environment for children and is an ultimate favourite! Pouring water from a metal teapot develops hand-eye co-ordination and children's core muscles; essential underpinning skills for learning to write later.  Sharing and taking turns with resources gives children basic social skills, and the staff really appreciate the cups of (mud) tea and chocolate soup! 

Please make sure you take note of our Kit List so that your child can get the most out of cooking mud pies :)

It's not just the children who enjoy playing in our outdoor area ...

...The nursery has a number of pets that the children look after and play with including the guinea pig, fish,  tadpoles, frogs, slow worms and butterflies in season, and of course a whole zoo of the stuffed variety

We plan a wide range of  activities both indoors and out every week based on the interests and learning needs of the children

We use familiar activities that the children enjoy to teach and consolidate both literacy and numeracy skills.

We change the role play area on a regular basis to reflect the children's interests and to challenge their learning

What else do we do?

At Curious Goose, it's not just the children who lead an active and healthy lifestyle and challenge ourselves to be continually improving our knowledge and skills.

Our staff team is always on the look-out for new courses and conferences to attend that will further our knowledge and develop the skills that we bring to our roles.

We take our role in the local community seriously, and can be seen supporting local events and fairs whenever we are invited. Come along and say 'Hello' when you see us out and about.

We also raise money for charities such as Sport Relief and Children in Need. 

We have recently joined with Redmount Nursing Home to learn Spanish songs and words with Patty. The residents really enjoy seeing the children joining in with the activities.