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Term dates for 2019-2020

2019-2020 Term Dates

Autumn Term starts: 9th September

October Half Term: 21st October - 25th October

End Autumn Term: 20th December

Spring Term starts: 6th January 2020

February Half Term: 17th February – 21st February

End of Spring Term: 27th March

Summer Term Starts: 14th April

May Half Term: 25th May – 29th May

End of Summer Term: 24th July 2020

Now taking registrations for January 2020

Curious Goose Nursery is now taking registrations for 2 and 3 year olds to start in January and April 2020.  Please call us if you wish to register, or change your current hours.


Have you received your Golden Ticket? Funded two year olds are entitled to up to 15-hours free at Nursery. Come and speak to us if you are thinking about starting your child’s learning journey.

We accept 15 and 30 hour government funding with no requirement for parents to purchase additional hours. Government funding can be shared between providers; for example, your child can spend time with a childminder and have funded sessions at nursery.  Please speak to Jane about your requirements and check the Childcare pages of the uGov website to check your eligibility. 



30-hours funding

To enable us to claim up to 15 additional hours of funding for your child, we need you to provide your CHILDCARE REFERENCE NUMBER in the term PRIOR to you using this funding. You can find your reference number at: or at



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We accept Golden Tickets

Do you have a Golden Ticket? Redeem it with us and give your child a headstart in education!

You can use all or part of your two-year-old funding at Curious Goose in order to do what's best to suit you and your child.

Golden Tickets are sent to eligible households by Devon County Council and entitle the holder to 15 hours FREE childcare and education. If you think you may be eligible but haven't recieved one, check the criteria on the Devon Website, or give them a ring.



Show us what you can do!


Do you have any skills or talents you could share with us? We love to have parents and friends of nursery to come in and talk to the children about what they can do and what they get up to. In the past we have had lambs come to visit, parents talking about their careers and hobbies and parents have even taught us songs in new languages! If you would like to come and share with us what you get up to, we would be very interested to hear about it and it will help to widen the children’s experiences – please speak to Jane.

The WOW Tree


The WOW tree is a chance for you to share with us what your child has done that makes you go WOW! What have you been up to over the summer holiday? Please add a leaf to the tree in the entrance lobby.