International links

Eva read us a story

We enjoy good connections with Patty from Kidslingo. She visited the nursery once a week to teach us Spanish.  Each week she taught a different concept such as colours, parts of the body, and modes of transport through fun activities, games and songs.  She gave us a vocabulary list which was shared with parents.  A CD of the songs she taught the children and other resources are also available for parents who want to develop their child's Spanish at home.  Patty also shares her lessons with Redmount nursing home and we have joined in those sessions.

Learning a second language at an early age is valuable for children as it develops different areas of the brain and will make learning a second language much easier for them in the future.  Also, it is good for the children to get used to a different teacher and different ways of learnng. 

Learning about other languages

Do you speak a different language at home?  We love to learn words and songs in languages other than English and it is lovely for parents to come into nursery and teach us songs they sang as children growing up in another country.  We know songs in French, Polish,Spanish, Hindi and Chinese and we can say 'hello' in LOTS of languages!  We have a number of bilingual books which you are welcome to borrow to share with your child so that you can all enjoy nursery favourites in 2 languages.

Little Red Hen story

To celebrate world book day we were fortunate to have a visit from Makita, who taught us a few words in Latvian. She then read us the Little Red Hen story in English and in Latvian [Maza sarkana vista]. The children really enjoyed creating their own picture of the hen using glue and feathers.