Fees and Opening Times
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The Curious Goose is open from 8.30 until 5pm  Monday to Friday during term time.  Our Core Hours for nursery education are between 9 and 3pm.  Term dates can be found on our Term Dates page. We do not open on public holidays including bank holidays.

How the day works

Morning sessions are busy and more structured than the afternoons. They are planned with 3- and 4-year-olds in mind. Children spend parts of the sessions working in small groups, with children of a similar stage of development, at activities planned to promote their language and mathematical skills.

Afternoon sessions are shorter, quieter and more suitable for 2-year-olds and children who are new to the nursery. At afternoon sessions key workers spend time getting to know children and helping them to learn about the nursery, integrating them into routines such as register and story times. Once children are settled at nursery, familiar with our routines and where things are, and able to sit and listen to a story in a group they can transfer to the longer, more structured morning sessions. 

What is best for your child?

You can discuss the number of sessions your child needs with Jane. Through our experience, we have found that children tend to settle best if they begin attending nursery 'little and often' for example for two 2-hour sessions per week. This can then be extended when the child is ready. When the child approaches school entry they can bring a packed lunch and stay all day.

Is your child eligible for funded nursery education?

From the start of the term following a child’s third birthday they are automatically eligible for government funding known as the Early Years Entitlement. This entitles them to 15 hours free nursery education per week for 38 weeks a year. These hours can be split between settings or used at a single setting throughout the course of the week. For more information on eligibility and how to apply, please speak to a member of the team.

In families where both parents work a minimum of 16 hours a week (or single parent families where that parent works) 3 year old children may be eligible for 30 hours of government funding.  To check your eligibility see the Childcare page of the uGov website,.

Two year old funding is also available based on eligibility. Check with the Devon Information Service for Children (DISC) to see if your 2 year old is entitled to a free funded place.

Early Year's Pupil Premium

If your child has recieved two-year-old funding, they may also be eligible for the Early Year's Pupil Premium. The local authority gives the nursery an additional payment of 50p per child per hour to be used to support children's learning.

Curious Goose uses EYPP funding to employ an additional member of staff, keeping the ratio of staff working directly with the children at around 1:4.

Hourly Fees
If your child is two and not eligible for funding, or you would like them to come to us for more than just their funded hours, we charge an hourly rate of £5. You can have as few or as many paid for hours as you like provided it fits in with our session times. Invoices are raised monthly for the month in advance and can be paid in cash or by electronic bank transfer.

Payment policy

Invoices are raised at the beginning of each month for the coming month. All sessions must be paid for in advance. You will be invoiced for the hours your child is booked to attend the nursery over and above any government funded hours. If for any reason your child cannot attend; for example due to sickness, this time must still be paid for as staff will have been engaged to cover the number of children booked for the session. Wherever possible we will try to accommodate your child at another session to compensate for any time missed due to illness.

Bills must be paid within seven days of receipt. For each week the payment is late a £10 fee will be added to next month’s bill, unless agreed otherwise.

If you are experiencing difficulty paying your bills on a monthly basis please discuss this with us so we can try to find a method of payment more suitable for you.

Payment is usually through internet banking, please ask for details.