Partnership with parents
We have had parents come in with chickens, lambs and new babies!

Thinking of joining us?

New parents or carers and their children are welcome to visit the nursery a few times before the child is due to start with us. During these times you will be able to participate in activities and snack times. You are welcome to meet and talk to staff who will answer any questions you may have.

You will also be offered a home visit from one of the staff as part of your induction. This is an opportunity for us to see your child in a setting where they are comfortable. It allows us to see what they enjoy doing at home. It also means that your child will recognise a familiar face when they come into the nursery.

What happens when you decide to start your child with us?

If you decide you would like to enroll your child into Curious Goose you will be asked to complete a registration form and sign a contract of care. This is a statutory requirement and will consist of information regarding emergency contacts, dietary requirements and medical history.

This information will only be used by Curious Goose and all information will be kept confidential. If you have any queries regarding this please feel free to come and discuss your concerns with us.

During enrolment you will be shown our comprehensive policies and procedures and the health and safety documents that are specific to Curious Goose. These documents are always available for parents and carers to read. The folder contains information on how to complain, confidentiality, child protection, risk assessments and lost child procedure.

Key Workers

All children are allocated a Key Person. This qualified member of staff will be your main contact in the nursery. They will talk to you daily about what your child has been doing, and will share your child's development folder and discuss areas for development with you.

Parent Questionnaires

Every term your child’s key worker will ask you to complete a questionnaire. It is important for us to gain information on your child’s likes and dislikes outside of the setting, and to know about any influences that may affect their behaviour as this can impact on their ability to learn. It is also helpful for us to know of things your child enjoys doing outside of nursery and any special achievements gained, as we can build on this and make nursery an even more enjoyable and beneficial experience.

Get involved!

Parents and carers are invited to get involved with their child’s learning and development. If you feel you have a special talent or skill and would like to get involved with your and other children’s learning, please come and talk to one of the team. As well as gaining ideas from you it is nice for the child to share group time with a special person. It also gives parents and carers the chance to see firsthand how their child interacts with other children and the staff. It is also a great opportunity for us to get to know you all a bit better. In the past we have had parents bring in lambs for the children to bottle feed; share their creative talents by putting on a show for us, and talk to us about their job.  We'd love to see what you can do!  

Information events for parents

We regularly hold information evenings or play sessions for parents. The aim of these is to help inform parents what we are doing with the children in nursery so they can support and reinforce learning at home.

Last year we ran evenings focusing on child development, learning and settling into nursery, children's language development and how two-year-olds develop. We also invited parents to join us during a normal nursery day for Math and Literacy play sessions to share learning with their child.  We like to encourage parents to suggest topics for forthcoming events as these are to support you in aiding the development of your child.

Watch our News page for information on the next event. Details are also posted on our facebook page.

Termly Newsletter and regular information for parents
One of our parents is helping the children learn about new lambs

Parents receive a newsletter on a regular basis, the latest of which can be found on our NEWS page. Daily routines and activities are notified on notice boards and updated weekly so that they are easily accessible to all.  There is a 'Last month we......' board in the nursery which gives an overview of activities the children have been involved in with examples of their work and photographs. There are also pictures of what the children have been up to this week on our facebook page. 

Please take time to look at these as they will give you ideas to share with your child at home; for example, enabling you to sing-along with your child when they have learned a new song at nursery. Words for many of our favourite songs can be found on our songs page