Welcome to Curious Goose Nursery

The Curious Goose Nursery has been up and running in Buckfastleigh for over 7 years. We provide first class care and education for children aged from 2 to 5 years. We are driven by our desire to provide a warm, stimulating and friendly space both in and out of doors that enables every child to access a high quality of care and early education, setting them up with the best possible start in life.

We are thrilled to have THREE qualified Nursery TEACHERS in our staff team and we use this knowledge and experience to the full in order to benefit the children.

We aim to provide for each child in our care:

  1. A happy and content learning environment
  2. An atmosphere that is structured, friendly and relaxed
  3. The chance to develop and practise social skills through sharing with others and interacting with adults
  4. The chance to be recognised as an individual
  5. A response to specific needs through flexible planning
  6. Opportunities to access a wide range of stimulating activities both in- and out-doors
  7. Opportunities for children to share their opinions and to be listened to
  8. A chance to promote equal opportunities and respect towards themselves and other individuals



Curious Goose Nursery is open again! On Monday 1st June we will be welcoming back children to enjoy our amazing facilities. As we have a large garden at the back and front of the nursery building we are going to be able to accommodate children in 2 groups, or 'bubbles', as suggested by the UK Government guidelines on the safe re-opening of nurseries.

If you would like to register your child for a place for the summer term or the Autumn term, starting in September, please contact the nursery by email or telephone 07796169317. We can then offer you a time to visit the nursery and discuss your child joining us. 

Keep well